The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…. Teaching from the Parables – The Unforgiving Servant

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Questions from the message:

  • (Matthew 18:21-22) Jesus says we must forgive 77 times or 490 times. Should we take these numbers literally or figuratively? If figurative, what are they figurative of? What does this teach us about God’s willingness to forgive us repeatedly for the same sin?
  • (Matthew 18:23-35) In the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant, what is the purpose of contrasting the huge debt with the small one? If we were to put ourselves in the parable, which debt would we owe? Which debt might be owed us? Why was the king insulted by the unmerciful servant’s action?
  • Have you tested your spirit of forgiveness lately against God’s standard of forgiveness? How does it measure up?
  • Take time to express your gratitude to God for His complete cancellation of your debt. Who has sinned against you? Have you cancelled out their debt?