Part 9 Discipleship: Qualities of the Hand – The Mission of a Disciple

Questions from the message:

  1. What do you notice about the way that Jesus interacted with people? Did He react differently with religious and non-religious people? What can we learn from His attitude as we engage with the world around us?
  2. In terms of your own faith growth, who has helped you in your discipleship journey? How were they influential in your life?
  3. Who is God putting in your path who is not a Christian? In what ways are you relating the Gospel in way that is meaningful and pertinent to them? How can you play your part – as God uses you – in bringing them to faith?
  4. Can you identify newer or younger believers that you could disciple?
  5. How are you being an active carrier of God’s aroma that makes Jesus ‘non-ignorable’ in the places you live, work and play?
  6. What are you doing to cultivate missional relationships with people outside of the TCF community? How do you handle objections or opposition to your faith in Jesus?
  7. Are you grabbing hold of the unique opportunities you have right now to invite people to what could be described as a ‘once in a lifetime-looking church?’