What? We Have to Love?

Questions from the Message:

  • How do you keep your ‘battery’ of love fully charged?
  • How do you approach those who you find difficult to love? Do you try harder to love them or do you just ignore them?
  • How will you – as you respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit – show love to someone this week and beyond?
  • Do you need to make a conscious decision – maybe daily – to accept the grace and forgiveness of God, and then start loving yourself more? What does that look like?

Why the Resurrection is Different

John 20:13-31


Jesus is alive. Think about the event of Easter Sunday – the open tomb and the appearance of Jesus to Mary. What is your response to the risen Jesus?

Where and how do you find sustenance in Jesus?

Have you experienced the love of Jesus? Where and how does that play out in your life as you set yourself to the task of making the kingdom of the world into the kingdom of God?

The Cross of Christ

Questions from the Message

John 19:13-34

As you reflect on the Cross, what do you feel?

Jesus urges us that the highest life – the best life – is one that is lived for others. (Matthew 16:25). What does your ‘best life’ look like?

Have you actually stopped and taken some time to simply and significantly thank Jesus for the Cross?

A Journey Through Psalm 23

Questions from the message:

  • What are your ‘valleys?’ Where do you see God in those times?
  • Where and how do feel the presence of God the most? Are you spending enough time in those places?
  • God’s rod and staff are two different things. The rod is a weapon of protection, while the staff is an instrument of guidance, direction, and restoration. In your life, where do you see Jesus using His rod and staff?

A Journey Through Psalm 23

Questions from the Message:

  • Have you acknowledged that you belong to the Good Shepherd and that as one of His, you actually have everything you will ever need?
  • As a lamb of the Good Shepherd, where are you experiencing His promised life of quiet overcoming, of rest in His presence, of confidence in His management?
  • Are you continuing to ‘feed’ on things other than that which the Lord your shepherd is providing for you?

No Other Foundation

Questions from the Message:

  • Jesus Christ is the foundation to build your life on. Is He the “rock” on which you are building your life? Where is that evident?
  • How deep are you ‘sinking your roots’ into God’s Word? What does that look like?
  • When the ‘rains, floodwaters and winds’ are threatening to overwhelm your ‘house’, how do you give those things over to Jesus to take them on for you?
  • Are you busy “growing new branches”, instead of “strengthening your roots?”

No Other Gospel

Questions from the Message:

  • How are you keeping the Gospel simple?
  • ‘Love came down and pitched His tent among us’, (John 1:14). Who are you pursuing – in the name of Jesus  so that you share the life-changing Gospel of salvation in Him with them?
  • Where is the outworking of your faith in Jesus to the world around you?
  • “The Gospel is God’s message of mercy to humanity.” (Charles Hodge). How does that message infiltrate your life? Is it evident? Could it be more evident?