Two Full Years – guest speaker: Mark Wilkinson

Questions from the Message:

  • Have you ever felt like David with his “How Long, O Lord prayer” (Psalm 13:1)? What was the context and what was the eventual outcome?
  • How do we actually put into practice Jesus words, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow” (Matt 6:34)?

Technical Difficulties

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties the following messages were not recorded:

5 December (Guest Speaker – Jeff Benson)

21 November (Guest Speaker – Graeme Semple)

14 November (Guest Speaker – Steve Brown)

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…. Teaching from the Parables – The Unforgiving Servant

Questions from the message:

  • (Matthew 18:21-22) Jesus says we must forgive 77 times or 490 times. Should we take these numbers literally or figuratively? If figurative, what are they figurative of? What does this teach us about God’s willingness to forgive us repeatedly for the same sin?
  • (Matthew 18:23-35) In the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant, what is the purpose of contrasting the huge debt with the small one? If we were to put ourselves in the parable, which debt would we owe? Which debt might be owed us? Why was the king insulted by the unmerciful servant’s action?
  • Have you tested your spirit of forgiveness lately against God’s standard of forgiveness? How does it measure up?
  • Take time to express your gratitude to God for His complete cancellation of your debt. Who has sinned against you? Have you cancelled out their debt?

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…. Teaching from the Parables – The Pearl

Questions from the message:

  • How do you purposefully seek God in your life?
  • Do you see knowing Jesus – and being in a right relationship with Him – as the treasure above all other treasures?
  • God pursues everyone in His love for all of humanity. In what ways can you help someone else be seeking Him in their life?
  • What is it that Jesus is calling you to sell; to surrender; to lay down today, so that you might make pursuing Him a more purposeful part of your life?

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…. Teaching from the Parables – The Hidden Treasure

Questions from the message:

  • Who – and where – are the people in your circles of influence from whom Jesus is ‘hidden?’ What do you see as your role as a citizen of the kingdom in introducing them to Him – and bringing them into the kingdom?
  • There is great joy in the unexpected discovery of Jesus. Where would you like to see the joy that you experience in life with Jesus in others?
  • When Jesus breaks into your life unexpectedly – what is your response?
  • What about you? Are you willing to pay the full price to obtain the “treasure” of the kingdom?
  • The price of repentance? – Acts 3:19; 17:30-31.
  • The price of complete submission to the will of Christ? – Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 2:38.
  • The price of putting the kingdom first in your life? – Luke 9:23-24; Mark 10:21

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…Teaching from the Parables – Yeast

Questions from the message:

  1. Bring to mind people you know – or have known – who permeated the atmosphere around them with the quiet, continuous, effective and victorious presence of Jesus. What was it about them that you can learn from and apply in your efforts to grow the kingdom of God?
  2. Think of times in history in which the ‘yeast’ of God’s principles has permeated and changed entire societies. What are some parts of contemporary life in which you can pray – and work – for that to keep happening?
  3. In what ways has your choice to be a citizen of Jesus’ kingdom transformed your life? In what parts of your life is the ‘yeast’ at work right now? In what ways can you permeate the world around you for the kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like… Teaching from the Parables – A Landowner

Questions from the message:

  • Have you ever seen God bless someone and felt jealous? What did you do?
  • Do you struggle with the fact that God blesses those who you might sometimes consider unworthy?
  • What can you do to focus on God’s grace towards you and be thankful for what you have?
  • It is not our job to judge anyone else’s worth. How can you be intentional in seeing people as God sees them?