Jesus – Including the Excluded – The Woman Caught In Adultery

Questions from the Message:

  • When have you been more ‘legal’ than loving?
  • The kingdom of God is for everyone and it’s not up to us to decide who is in and who is out. Where have you ever been less-than-welcoming? (Even cold, compassionless, unforgiving, and judgmental).
  • Have you ever been caught doing something – anything – and been totally embarrassed about people finding out? How would you want people to respond to that if it were you?
  • What is your response when you encounter the homeless, or the chemical or alcohol afflicted; the lonely; the odd; the strange; the different? Is your mindset to misunderstand or to understand – to judge or to engage?
  • Jesus certainly called out sin – but He did it in a way that gave every person He met the choice to move towards Him – not away from Him. Isn’t that our role too?