Jesus – Including the Excluded – The Older Brother

  • Have you ever felt short-changed by God? Have you felt that your service has been overlooked and that you deserve a pat on the back? Has your pride puffed you up to the point where you think it’s actually possible to earn God’s grace and blessing?
  • Can you recall times in your life where you have been the older brother that played by the rules, but with the wrong heart?
  • Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly in the ‘cage’ of unforgiveness and resentment? The good news is that God joyfully welcomes us into His arms, too, when we ask Him for the forgiveness of our sins. What needs to happen in your life so that you can turn to Him and enjoy the blessings of His abundant grace and love today?
  • Who do I need to forgive? Who do I need to seek reconciliation and restoration with?