James – Solving Practical Problems – Stickability

Questions from the Message:

  1. There is an anonymous quote says: “Some people get angry because God put thorns on roses. Others rejoice because God put roses on thorns.” A lack of patience can breed an attitude of anger so: Who do you need to practice patience with – in your life? How can you do that?
  2. Are you being too hard on yourself? Is the secret to your personal stickability in being more patient with yourself?
  3. Do you need to get down on your knees and simply thank God for giving you such unique opportunities to develop and display patience to those around you in this time?
  4. Have you taken some time to discern – in prayer and with significant influencers in your life – God’s purposes for you in this time of your life?
  5. When have/do you yearned for the ‘greener grass’ of the other side?