This week we explore how:
Jesus was born to be King; anointed as King; Died as King; and assumed Kingly authority, as Pastor Danny asks the question; How will I Treat the King?

Below are some questions from today’s message that you might like to reflect on or discuss in your small group:

  1. Do I praise more, or complain more?
  2. Have I put my KING first in some things but last in others?
  3. My Sundays are great but by Wednesday I start to ‘flag’ a little – what can I be doing in my faith life to maintain my relationship with my King?
  4. Am I trusting, obeying and following Jesus in the best way that I can? What do I need to do to in my everyday life to ensure that He is #1?
  5. Obeying Him as the Lord of unquestioned and immeasurable love. Following Him as our divine and infallible leader.
  6. How do I treat my King?