Lockdown Lessons #3: God will take care of you

Questions from the message:

  1. Where has there been times in your life when you have felt that God has been silent?  As you look back in that ‘silence’ are you able to see God working? How?
  2. Have you ever experienced something in your life that defies explanation?  It was so surprising that you just couldn’t explain it?
  3. How often do we moan and groan about circumstances and situations and have doubts about whether or not God is present in whatever it is we are experiencing?
  4. Have you really claimed the promise that whatever your circumstances, God will take care of you?

Lockdown Lesson #2: The First Seven Words of The Church

Questions from today’s lesson:

  1. Has God already provided the resources – has He already ‘called’ – and you just haven’t picked up the phone yet?
  2. Can you identify ONE person this week whom you can minister to in the name of Jesus Christ? How will you do that?
  3. Are you spending time ‘just looking at Christ as He just looks at you?’ Where are the times in your day when you can practice the presence of God?
  4. As you practice the presence of Christ, what, as the church, as a child of God can you do?

Lockdown Lessons: #1 Being in God’s will, not our own.

Questions from the message:

  1. When have you been a ‘Jonah’ – where God was sending you in one direction and you were simply determined to go the other way? Is that happening in your life now?
  2. Am I rebelling against God’s will for me today? Am I running from God?
  3. What is stopping you from running towards God? God has great faith in your Gifts and abilities – do you?
  4. Understand that God has given you the passions you have. How are you using those passions to influence His Kingdom?
  5. Are you surrendering your ‘ALL’ to Jesus?