Discipleship Part 4: Don’t Settle For Less!

Questions from the Message:

  1. What times in your life when you felt most connected to God? How have you maintained that connection?
  2. Am I in a journey of discipleship where I continually crave the Word of God and be satisfied by it at least as much, and preferably more than I am by other things in my life? 
  3. How do you typically connect with God?
  4. Have you ever tried practicing a spiritual discipline? What was it? How did you go?
  5. Which spiritual discipline/s can you commit to practising this day/week/ month?

Discipleship Part 3: Gospel Identity – A Disciples Heart

Questions from the message:

  1. What image of salvation in Scripture is most meaningful for you? (e.g. being adopted, forgiven, redeemed, saved, or reconciled.) Why?
  2. What are the clues that reveal whether your actions are gospel-motivated or selfishly motivated? Have there been times in your life when you’ve been doing the right things with the wrong attitude?
  3. Where are the places other than Jesus that you might tend to base your identity on?
  4. How does the gospel, through your daily journey of discipleship, help you when you realise that you are placing your worth in something, or someone, other than Jesus?

Discipleship Part 2: Our Journey of Daily Discipleship

Questions from the message:

  1. Think of a time or times in your life when you have grown as a Disciple of Jesus.  What were you doing then, that you could be doing now – both in your own life and in the discipling of others?
  2. How can you be more intentional in putting your knowledge into action in the relationships you have in your life?
  3. What does ‘giving up your own way’ (Luke 9:23) look like for you?
  4. What does that look like? What does following Jesus look like for you?

Discipleship Part 1: The Three Little Pigs

Questions from today’s message:

  1. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means committing to a life-long journey of Discipleship – that is, not only personally growing to become more and more like Jesus, but also in the discipleship of others to do the same? What does that look like for You? Who are you discipling?
  2. Whom do you believe Jesus might be calling you to walk with in discipleship?
  3. Do you need help in identifying someone who can help you in your own journey of discipleship?
  4. Which ‘little pig’ are you? Are you one more than the other? A little bit of all?
  5. If you are not in a discipleship relationship with someone, what is stopping you?