Clock, Capacity and Coin (part 3) Faithful Steward = Faithful Giving


Below are some questions from today’s message that you might like to reflect on or discuss in your small group.

  1. Are you prepared to give of yourself voluntarily, proportionately, generously to utilise your unique God-given clocks, capacity and coin to do what needs to be done in order for you to put God first and to respond from the heart so that His aims might be achieved in your life and in the lives of those around you?
  2. The requirement of a Christian steward is to be faithful. How is your faith life tracking?
  3. When we stand before God at the end of the journey, will he speak that welcome benediction, ‘You have been faithful over a little. Enter into the joy of your Lord!
  4. If you find yourself continually saying “I’m passionate about this or that or the other thing” but I just haven’t got the time then perhaps you need to ask yourself this final question: Is my clock, capacity and coin calibrated to the world or is it calibrated to God?

Clock, Capacity and Coin (part 2). Faithful Steward = Faithful Living

How Faithful Stewards need to have faith in God, in each other, and to make stewardship personal by feeling the cost – Pastor Danny McDowell.

From the message:

  1. Are there other ‘idols’ in your life that are restricting or stopping you from your God ordained life of faithful stewardship as one of His children?
  2. Do you see ‘risk’ as a barrier or a God given opportunity to serve Him?
  3. In this parable, Matthew 25:14-30, each one of us is being asked to consider our own faithful stewardship of all that God has given to us.  Our clocks, our capacity and our coin. In what ways are you being a faithful steward of all He has given you?  Where could you be better?
  4. When you give God your clock, capacity and coin – do you feel the cost?



Clock, Capacity and Coin (part 1)

This morning Pastor Danny McDowell explores giving as a grace, God’s plan and personal priority.

From the Message:

1. What is your motivation for gracious living? To honour God or yourself?
2. Are you ‘graciously giving’ the things that God has entrusted to you – your ‘clock, your capacity, and you coinage’ and focusing on making the world a better place as you care for the people around you?
3. You were ‘bought with a price’.  You belong to God.  Are you living in a way that honours Him? When you are called to account for your life will you be able to say that you gave yourself graciously?
4. Does anything need to change in your life in order for you to be a better steward of your clock, your capacity and your coin?