Grace Is Enough!

What’s the difference between saying “I can’t do enough for Him” and “I can’t do enough for him”? Read on and find out! – Another in the recent series based on the lyrics of songs. Lead teaching Pastor Chris Rowney takes a look at Romans 4 to 6 and the Amazing nature of Grace.

Philip Yancey’s latest book “Vanishing Grace” (a follow up to the bestseller book “What’s So Amazing About Grace”) came out just as this sermon was being prepared and prompted an email from Chris to Philip about some parts of his new book, as a result Philip listened to the message and commented “Excellent sermon!  You’re a bold man to take on the heart of Romans like that, but you pulled it off.” – so with that gracious encouragement here it is for your listening pleasure!

VIDEO: Click here Your Grace Is Enough VIDEO  45 minutes

AUDIO: Click here Your Grace Is Enough AUDIO 45 minutes

TRANSCRIPT: YourGraceIsEnoughSermonTranscript

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