Baptist Witness iPhone Article

It might seem an odd verse to inspire an iPhone app – but a number of years ago while reading 1 Corinthians 14 I was thinking about Paul’s statement that “he would rather speak five intelligible words to instruct others than ten thousands words in a tongue.”
Regardless of anyone’s position on the validity of ‘tongues” today, the principle of prefering to speak five intelligble words is one worth taking to heart!
Alongside this is the recognition that not only what we say, but how and even where we say it, should shape our communication.
Eight years ago, as broadband internet was beginning to take off, it seemed sensible for us to begin placing messages on the internet and so Torquay Christian Fellowship plunged into podcasts as an ‘eary adopter’.
This paid off with many thousands of downloads over time, but while we had addressed some of the “how” by having begun communicating in the digital realm, we needed to keep up with the “where.”
More and more people are doing their primary web surfing, not at a computer, but via a smartphone or tablet. In a sense, developing an ‘app’ is another attempt at being truly incarnational as a church, making sure we are active where the people that need the message can be found.
There are a number of companies that specialised in customising apps specifically for church use, but the ongoing costs were beyond our present budget, and so after more searching we found a church in the USA (Sugarcreek Baptist Church) that was willing to make its programming code available for anyone to tinker with.
I guess my background in computer publishing helped, but after a week or so of trial and error we had a functioning app, for both iphone and android phones.
Besides recent sermons, the app links to upcoming news and events, information about what to expect should you come to visit and a map that can provide directions from where you are now!
If you want it, it’s free – on the appstore or android market just search TCF Church.
If you do , let us know if you like it, and we always love feedback on our messages!

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